About Us NLP MasterCLASS And Our Mission

After many years working with Dr. Richard Bandler and other world class trainers in multiple disciplines; it became obvious there was a need for a forum that supported students who wanted to continue to develop and practice their skills after their training, and under the guidance of quality trainers. Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb first began the NLP MasterCLASS in 2004 at Kings College Waterloo to meet the need and to answer the question "So what do I do next?".


The group was originally held on the first Thursday evening of every month. Many world class coaches, trainers, hypnotherapists from various societies, organisations and methods of working have presented to the group over the years.

"To support life long learning and the pursuit of personal development by offering training to the highest of standards ."

Tina Taylor

When NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and world-renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna want assistants to be at their best, it's Master Trainer Tina Taylor they turned to.

She trained and managed the super-skilled assisting teams on their programmes. Working internationally, she is highly sought after for her own elegant take on change work.

Therapeutically, Tina has a particular flair for enabling her clients to achieve their goals; from enhancing fertility to helping people overcome fears, phobias and addictions, there's very little she hasn't dealt with. You can also benefit from Tina's extraordinary capabilities through a three-tier mentoring system for therapists and coaches wishing to develop their skills and careers.

Tina is training Director of the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

It's only natural, given the breadth and depth of Tina's expertise, that she's a highly regarded trainer, personally awarded Master Trainer status by Richard Bandler in 2007. She delivers generalist and bespoke trainings for public and in-house events, about or utilising NLP.


"You either take control of your life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."


"Using NLP, coaching and hypnosis to make the impossible possible, the possible easier and the easier natural"

Steve Crabb

Steve Crabb is an entrepreneur, author, NLP Master Trainer, Transformation Coach and Hypnotherapist.

After using coaching to generate a new start up business which generated £7m turnover and £4.5m net profit in 6-months; he sold his business interests to spend 3-years travelling, studying and working with some of the most highly respected International personal development gurus.

Since 2000, Steve has worked as a professional coach / trainer. For 8-years working with clients with mental health / therapy issues. In 2008 he refocussed his practice back to his passion which is business.  Working with entrepreneurs and coaches to grow profitable businesses using his "Quantum Growth" model and to create work places where wellbeing is the normal practice.

Steve was head assistant for Dr Bandler and is an International trainer, in 2019 presenting Transformations with Paul McKenna in Barcelona for Alternatives.