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Practice group meetings are usually open to students of all standards and qualifications, the trainers will adapt the training to suit  Some events require previous experience and certification please check the event details for entry level requirements.


Events are experiential so please attend with an open mind and be willing to explore and experiment..

"The pathway to mastery is through practice, practice, practice. Practice makes better!"

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Thursday 22nd July 2021 
Virtually Real - Online via ZOOM
President of the Society of NLP John LaValle

“NLP Means Business”

As the world begins to come out of lockdown and businesses start to return to new normals, there are abundant challenges and opportunities. 

What do you need or want to learn in order to make the most from this time?

If you are an entrepreneur, a coach, therapist, or consultant this is a unique opportunity to learn from a leading business consultant and NLP Master Trainer John LaValle

  • What is the one burning question that when you answer it would have you make the most of this unique moment in history?

  • How can you be ahead of the rest of your field as things get back to a new normal?

This is a unique opportunity to train with John LaValle ( co-trainer with Dr. Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP).

John will be presenting on Thursday 22nd July starting at 7pm (UK Time), ONLINE via ZOOM.

Open to non NLP,ers and to NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners or Trainers.

The non techy - techy stuff

The event is an online MasterCLASS held over ZOOM on Thursday 22nd July 2021.

1. Virtual doors open at 6:45 pm UK time and the event starts 7:00pm till approx 8:30 or later depending upon John.

2. Please ensure you have Zoom set up on your device.

3. Attend with your device camera switched on and your microphone muted.

4. The event will be interactive with breakout exercises so be prepared to participate.

5. Add to your contacts as your Zoom invite will be emailed to the address given by you when you book. 

To find out more about the NLP MasterCLASS events including the Autumn 2021 NLP Practitioner training event visit

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