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Therapist - Mastery Growth Path

Serious Conversation

Building a professional Clinical Hypnotherapy practice that works for you 

Are you looking to qualify as a clinical hypnotherapist but don't know where to start? Or maybe you're already running a coaching, therapy, or consulting business and want some additional skills, training, and qualifications to take you to the next level.


We've been there too! That's why we created this program for those who want to become professional Clinical Hypnotherapists and are seeking world-class training as well as advice on how to run a successful profitable practice.  By working with us, we'll help you set up your practice properly from the start; or take your current business from good to great.


The NLP Therapist-Mastery Growth Path provides the best training and support system available so that you can achieve your dreams of running a profitable, professional practice. With our experience, guidance, and resources (including an online community), you'll be able to create a successful practice that is the business of your dreams and meets the needs of your clients. So what are you waiting for? Take the next step and sign up for the NLP Coaching -Mastery Growth Path today! 


You'll be so glad you did.

Coaching Conversation

"Be the change you want to see in the world by becoming a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist who can inspire others to live fulfilling lives by doing so yourself"

Steve Crabb 

Becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist is an incredible choice of profession. Services are in ever-increasing demand, it's a profession where you can earn a great income at times to suit yourself, and there is immense satisfaction, in helping others to have more success in their lives.  The NLP Therapist-Mastery Growth Path was developed by Steve Crabb and Tina Taylor to be the ultimate Clinical Hypnotherapy-training programme, The programmes are based on their coaching, therapy, and training experience spanning over 4 decades, and working with 1000's of clients in a wide range of niches. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy students are taught personal development skills so they get to develop themselves as well as know-how to work with others and how to build a profitable professional practice.


You will learn

  • How to manage emotions

  • How to change thinking patterns

  • How to eliminate negative habits

  • How to create new empowering habits

  • How to design goals and create action plans that achieve desired outcomes.


As a professional Clinical Hypnotherpaist you will: 

  • Have predictable recurring revenue 

  • Work with ideal clients charging rates worthy of the service you offer

  • Spend your time doing what you love and loving what you do.


The NLP Therapist-Mastery Growth Path is perfect no matter the specialty you may decide to practice in whether that’s: 

  • Working with children

  • Specialising in stress management or wellbeing

  • Consulting with businesses

  • Dealing with remedial or health issues

  • Coaching for sports, entertainment

  • Coaching with generative positive change


The skills you learn will be applicable no matter which direction PLUS we offer ongoing support after your training through our Secret Agents of Change Membership Group where you will receive continual help and assistance with “Practicing your Practice” and “Growing your Practice” long after you have qualified.


Taking Your First Exciting Step on Your Therapist-Mastery Growth Path

Your Therapist-Mastery Growth Path begins with a single step deciding to begin. The NLP Practitioner Training is where you will learn the foundation skills for personal and professional change and discover how essential NLP is in any therapist or coach's toolbox. 

If you are in any way unsure if the Therpaist-Mastery Growth Path best meets your particular needs then contact us using the connect with us form at the footer of this page and we are always happy to discuss any aspect of your coaching and training needs with you.

Creating Your Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist  Business

Learn from trainers who have run successful practices for combined 4 decades, don't accept anything less then the best training to get you on the road to success, doing what you love and loving what you do.

If you've got the passion for coaching people toward success and helping them improve their lives through increased self-awareness on all levels (mental, emotional behavioural; spiritual), then this is just the coaching programme you're looking for. If you are looking to support and treat people with mental health, stress, addictions and other life challenges and the therapy route is for you the.....


Either book your course or simply fill in the connect with us form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss any aspect with you.


All great relationships begin with a conversation so LETS TALK


We highly recommend that you also check out our coaching blogs for other helpful advice to get you started on your coaching journey!

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