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NLP and why it's all about you!

After many years working with Dr. Richard Bandler and other world-class NLP trainers; it became obvious to Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb that there was a need for a forum that supported students who wanted to continue to develop and practice their NLP skills after their NLP training, and under the guidance of quality experienced NLP trainers and coaches.


Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb co-founded the NLP MasterCLASS in 2004 at Kings College Waterloo to meet the need and to answer the question "So what do I do next?".


The NLP Masterclass practice group was originally held on the first Thursday evening of every month as a live practice session. Many world-class coaches, NLP trainers, hypnotherapists from various societies, organizations, and methods of working, have presented to the NLP Guest Masterclass group over the years.


Since its early birth as a practice group, it has developed over the decades as a world-renowned training company, with an extensive catalog of live training and online and pre-recorded events continually adding to the syllabus all driven by the demand and needs of the students and clients.

In 2021 NLP Masterclass became incorporated with the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy.


"We are dedicated to supporting lifelong learning and the pursuit of personal and professional development by offering NLP based training to the highest of standards."

Steve Crabb

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The NLP MasterCLASS Team

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African proverb.

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Tina Taylor

Co-Founder and Society of NLP Licensed Master Trainer

When NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and world-renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna want assistants to be at their best, it's Licensed NLP Master Trainer Tina Taylor they turned to.

She trained and managed the super-skilled assisting teams on their programs. Working internationally, she is highly sought after for her own elegant take on change work.

Therapeutically, Tina has a particular flair for enabling her clients to achieve their goals; from enhancing fertility to helping people overcome fears, phobias, and addictions, there's very little she hasn't dealt with. You can also benefit from Tina's extraordinary capabilities through a three-tier mentoring system for therapists and coaches wishing to develop their skills and careers.​

It's only natural, given the breadth and depth of Tina's expertise, that she's a highly regarded trainer, personally awarded Master Trainer status by Richard Bandler in 2007. She delivers generalist and bespoke training for public and in-house events, about or utilising NLP

Steve Crabb SOC NLP Master Trainer.

Steve Crabb

Co-Founder and Society of NLP Licensed Master Trainer

Steve Crabb is an entrepreneur, author, investor in companies, Licensed NLP Master Trainer, Transformation Coach, and Hypnotherapist.

After using coaching to design and create a start-up business which generated £7m turnover and £4.5m net profit in 6-months; Steve was a convert to coaching and sold his other companies spending 3-years traveling Internationally, studying, and working with some of the most highly respected International personal development and business gurus.

Since 2000, Steve has worked as a professional coach/trainer. with a client list in the 1000's.  For 8-years working with clients with mental health/therapy issues. In 2008 he refocussed his practice back to his passion which is business.


Solely working with entrepreneurs and coaches to grow profitable businesses using his "Quantum Growth" model. Steve is co-author of Business Coaching and Mentoring for Dummies by Wiley Press.

Steve was head assistant for Dr. Bandler for nearly 10 years and is an International trainer, who has worked with some of the world's top coaches including co-presenting Life Transformations and Change Your Life workshops with Paul McKenna.

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Gloria Hammett

NLP Trainer and compliance officer

Gloria Hammett is Co-Founder of the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy with Tina Taylor. 


She has an eclectic background beginning as a Counselling Psychotherapist and, a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist qualified at postgraduate level, and a Master Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy. After moving into private practice in the late 1990s Gloria added coaching to her toolbox, going on to study NLP to Master Practitioner level, eventually adding Licensed Trainer of NLP to her CV.


As a committed lifelong learner, she has sought out and studied various ways of helping her clients make positive lasting change.  In the early 2000's she moved into providing services for businesses creating wellbeing courses; designing and run in-house Coaching Courses for businesses as well as running motivational interviewing, and mediation services.  


Gloria also runs our Supervision Training in addition to offering supervision in her private practice.

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Tanya Bunting

NLP Trainer and Student Liaison Officer

Tanya is a former Headteacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and NLP Licensed Coach; Student Liaison Lead for the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and the NLP MasterCLASS.

Tanya is the go to person for support on your NLP mastery growth path. Tanya is the person who will meet and greet you on your training.


She is also a regular training assistant for Dr Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP and Paul McKenna, Hypnotist with their seminars, trainings and workshops.


Having been a school leader and a teacher “at heart”, it’s no surprise that Tanya’s passion is supporting people of all ages in accelerating progress towards their goals.