Supporting Your NLP Journey From Beginning To Long After Your Training Ends

When the training is done the learning really begins. Anyone who has done any NLP, Hypnosis or Coaching training will know that no one has ever "reached their potential" we are all life long learners and there is always more. Our mission is to support anyone on their  journey so they can be a better person and make the world a better place. Here is a smorgasbord of delights to sample, some of which are from the NLP MasterCLASS team and others from resources we know are worth a watch and listen to. Some you can access on this page others you can join the website membership and get access to , others you will get access to when you enrol on a course.

A FREE Downloadable e-book from International trainers. A source of relief for challenging times 

A subscription based and comprehensive archive of material from Dr Richard Bandler and NLP leading trainers, 

A series of snippet sized episodes covering NLP techniques and tips essential listening. 

An online portal for you training workbooks, certificates, license agreements

The MUST HAVE  monthly subscription for all professional therapists, coaches and consultants.

A thriving community of other like minded people with regular posts and live interaction with the team.

NLP For The World 


When the world went into Pandemic lock down a group of NLP trainers got together and decided to create a book which would bring some hope, some relief and a little light into a dark time. This free e-book contains a wide range of content from NLP trainers from around the globe. 

Use the connect form and then follow the link to sign up for a Student Dojo Membership Account where you will get  immediate access to page called "Free Resources" where you can download your copy of  the "NLP For The World" e- book and access a bundle of additional bonus materials you will love. 

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NLP Podcast

NLP Secret Agents of Change 
Membership Group

Our monthly subscription group where we support therapists, coaches and consultants to develop themselves by "Practicing their Practice" and "Growing Your Practice". The group is closed so we can support existing members and opens a few times throughout the year. 

The theme is becoming a Secret Agent of Change conspiring to make the world a better place, by going there first. A light hearted, fun yet professional way to develop as a professional.and be part of a community of like minded people. 

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The NLP Membership
Your Paths To Mastery

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Practicing Your NLP Practice

Each month a new subject is covered in depth by the trainers, you get to hear from over 2 decades of therapy and coaching experience we hold nothing back.

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Growing Your NLP Practice

Every month another step is taken along the development path of creating a practice which is designed to work for you. A profitable professional practice

How You Can Apply To Join the
NLP SAOC Membership Group

There are two ways to join the Secret Agents of Change - Membership Group.

  1. Apply to go on the waitlist by clicking the button and we will e-mail you when the NLP Membership Group doors will be opening again inviting new members to apply

  2. Join the NLP MasterCLASS Facebook group, keep in contact with us and look out for the notices when we announce that the NLP Membership Group doors will be opening again.

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The past, present, and future of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with remastered archive content, brand new exclusive content, and more streaming direct to you with your NLP Eternal Unlimited Subscription available now on your PC, Mac, mobile devices, tablets, and Chromecast/Airplay compatible televisions. 

We are not affiliated and recommend this simply because of the extraordinarily amazing content.

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NLP Student Dojo

How do you get to Carnegie Hall or the Royal Albert Hall (depending on which side of the Atlantic you come from?


The answer is Practice, Practice, Practice. 


A subject dear to our hearts and one which we know makes the difference between dabblers and mediocrity and those who aspire to master a skill. 


Every student who enrols on an ICCH or NLP Masterclass certification training will be set up a Student Dojo Membership Account. You will then have access to a course page with materials to support your training before, during and after. This will be released shortly before your training starts.


You will have "In The Meantime" content to watch and listen to before your training begins. You will receive materials such as workbooks for during your event, and these will be a valuable resource for you after the event is long over.

The Student Dojo becomes a place you can practice and keep all your training materials.

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NLP Masterclass Facebook Group


A closed group with 1000's of members


Keep connected, updated and in the loop in the Facebook group. Apply to join please read the rules and confirm your acceptance otherwise the system will block your applications and then you would miss all the amazing things we post and share and that would be a shame. 


Regular FACEBOOK LIVE sessions where you get to interact and meet the trainers and the team. 

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