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NLP Masterclass
Practice Group

A Practice Group With Two NLP Master Trainers

LIVE experiential opportunities to practice, explore and improve

The NLP MasterCLASS practice group was established in 2004, when we held monthly live meetings at Kings College University London. Our intention was to provide a safe space for anyone interested in practicing coaching, NLP or hypnosis and other disciplines which support personal development. One of the keys to accelerating your learning and development is to find either a mastermind group, which contains people more advanced along your learning path than you are, or to find mentors.

The practice group provided both mastermind and mentoring, and for over a decade we held live meetings with group sizes ranging from 30 to 150. Since 2004 technology has enabled us to deliver the same support in ways which weren't possible back the olden days!


Join us live on Zoom for a practice session. The theme will be revealed at the start of the session. The trainers will select themes from the questions asked or based on their whim, muse, and inspiration. One thing you can be sure of is that it will be relevant and inspiring.

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OF NLP IS REQUIRED also relevant for Coaching & Hypnotherapy.

We wish to encourage active participation, so tickets are available for the LIVE EVENT only. Replays are only available to members of the Secret Agents of Change membership group.


"When you book your ticket, an automated email containing the Zoom link will be sent to you, along with a follow-up reminder. Please add this link to your calendar for easy access. To help us maintain low overhead costs in this free group, we kindly request that you refrain from emailing to ask for the link again. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in managing your own administrative needs. Thank you!"

  1. BOOKING A TICKET—All attendees must book a ticket, even for FREE practice group events. By doing so, you agree to the terms regarding recordings. If you do not wish to be recorded, do not attend. We can make no exceptions to this.

  2. ZOOM LINK - When you book your ticket, you will get an automated email with the Zoom link - add it to your calendar and save it. Please do not email asking for us to send links.

  3. ZOOM LINK  REMINDER - A further reminder with the link is sent 1 hour before the event begins.

  4. END OF TICKET SALES - The release of tickets will end an hour before the event begins to ensure everyone receives their reminder. If you try to get a ticket within the hour, you will not be able to, and we can not send out links for the reasons given in 1 above.

  5. ACCURATE BOOKING INFO - The system will send out tickets to the email you entered when you booked, so please check that you spelled your email correctly and look in your spam folder. Nearly every request we receive for support is because of a misspelled email address or because the email link is in spam.

  6. SUPPORT - We do not offer a 24/7 support desk, and support requests received within an hour of the start of the event will not be responded to until office hours the following day.

  7. LINK SHARING—This is a ticket-only event with one person, one ticket. The assisting team will ask anyone attending or online who is not registered to identify themselves. If not registered, they will be removed from the event and blocked from any and all future events. We appreciate your support by not sharing links. Anyone found recording an event will be immediately removed and blocked from any and all future events.

  8. REPLAYS—The event is recorded so that our Secret Agents of Change Subscription Membership Group members can watch it at their leisure. It is not available to other participants as a replay, and if an attendee can not make the event for any reason, we can not give them access to the replay. For information on the NLP SAOC Membership Group, follow this link.

  9. RECORDINGS - No use of AI transcriptions or video recordings is allowed; anyone joining and using any software that can be used to record will be asked to switch it off or removed from the session without exception.

  10. Thank you for your understanding and for taking care when you book to enter your email correctly. Add to your contacts, save the Zoom link, and add it to your calendar.


Thursday 16th May
"Mindful Practices: Cultivating Presence"


Practice Group


  • On the third Thursday of the month, it is from 7:00 pm till 8:30 pm UK time.


Invites will be emailed upon booking using the ticket system




  • You are encouraged to participate in exercises to learn from experience; if you wish to sit out an exercise, that is okay with us; however, we require all participants to have their cameras on during the group session. 

  • Replays are only available to members of the SAOC membership group.

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