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Licensed NLP
Practitioner Certification

The Licensed NLP Practitioner Certification is your first step on your adventure to personal and professional excellence.

Everyone wants to live a successful life. Whatever your definition of success is, NLP is the fastest way to make positive changes to both personal and professional lives.


NLP Practitioner training gives you the user manual to the mind, and the training to change your thinking, manage your emotions and change your behaviors so you transform your personal and / or professional results.

Do you know you can be, do, have more, and are looking for ways to achieve more in life?

  • Would you like to learn how to turn dreams into goals and create plans to make them real?

  • Would you like to learn how you can communicate more effectively with both yourself and with others?

  • Would you like to learn how you can control and manage your emotional states, behaviours and habits?​

The Licensed NLP Practitioner is for many the first step on a daring adventure of discovery and learning. 

NLP is an attitude towards human behavior that is supported by a set of skills, and tools that will enable you to:

  • ​Understand more about how your mind works, so you can make changes empowering you to achieve so much more than you currently are.

  • Accelerate your ability to learn making personal and professional changes which last - in a fraction of the time others take

  • Help others through coaching, consulting, or therapy to make real changes easily and quickly?

  • Model skillsets used by high achievers in disciplines such as sports, business, science, and entertainment and transfer these skills and talents into other areas of your life.

  • Get out of a rut, a slump, or re-ignite a passion for life.

  • Deal with life’s challenges, obstacles, or curve balls in resourceful ways.

  • Remove any limitations, beliefs, self-sabotage, or blockages that may be holding you back enabling you to grow to the next level.

Your Introduction to NLP
Steve Crabb and Tina Taylor

UPDATE - The Practitioner dates mentioned in the video have changed, please refer to the website text for the most recent training schedule 

People Choose To Train With The NLP MasterCLASS Because...

  • Training is experiential and applicable to real life.

  • NLP and hypnosis are used to train NLP thereby speeding up learning and improving recall

  • The trainers having a combined 4 decades of high-level experience of NLP training and practical applications.

  • All certificates are countersigned by Dr. Richard Bandler a sign of credibility, and confirmation of training having been delivered to the highest of standards.

  • Training is spread out over weekends enabling practice between meetings and for the teachings to be fully absorbed.

  • Virtual training between live weekends to reinforce and support the live training and deepen your understanding.

  • You receive after-training support with the Student Dojo, NLP Guest MasterCLASS events, the NLP MasterCLASS Facebook group, and with the Secret Agents of Change Membership Group a subscription group to support coaches, therapists, and consultants with developing their skills and building their practices.

  • Rates are affordable and group sizes are limited for comfort, safety, and optimal interaction with the trainers.

All NLP MasterCLASS training events are licensed and approved by the Society of NLP. Training and presented by not one but two NLP Master Trainers. Both Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb have been Head Assistant to Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), spent 1000's of hours training NLP and using it in their professional lives. You will be learning from two of the UK's top NLP trainers.


Don’t just take our word for it listen to what previous students have to say and hear what Dr Richard Bandler has to say.

Your Introduction to NLP
Dr Richard Bandler ( co-creator of NLP



  • Saturday 9th and Sunday 19th November (LIVE)

  • Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November (LIVE)

  • Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November (LIVE)

NLP Licensed Practitioner Training


Regents University, Inner Circle, London.


NLP Practitioner - standard fee £2400

Early Bird - £2000 ( limited period) 


Contact us for groups, invoicing or purchase orders using the contact form or download the group booking form.

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PayPal offers installment options on some trainings, the arrangement is between PayPal and the student - we have no say over acceptance, rates or terms.

What You Will Learn During Your Licensed Practitioner of NLP

​You will gain skills, knowledge and build habits through experience, that will enable you to develop yourself personally and professionally and equip you to help others should you so desire.

Ideal for improving emotional intelligence, changing habits, improving communication, enhancing relationships, accelerating learning new skills and so much more.

Over the course, you will learn the Society of NLP Practitioner syllabus, which includes:

  • The Foundations of NLP – What NLP is, the History of NLP & how it can be used.

  • The NLP pre-suppositions – useful filters through which to observe the world.

  • The NLP Communication Model – understand and experience how your mind filters and processes information.

  • The NLP Meta Model & Milton Model ways to get a better understanding of what others mean by their communications and communicate your ideas in ways people are more likely to understand you.

  • NLP Goals & Setting Outcomes in ways that get predictable results.

  • NLP and Rapport – using verbal and nonverbal communication to build great relationships and improve your communication skills.

  • NLP and Sensory Acuity – learn to see what some call the elusive obvious.

  • The NLP Eye Accessing Cues – discover how to observe and make sense of how others process information.

  • NLP and Submodalities – Learn the differences that make the difference.

  • NLP and Hypnosis – other than conscious communication.

  • NLP and Metaphors – understand and use the power of story-telling to communicate ideas.

  • NLP and Anchoring – being able to quickly access resourceful states including resource anchoring, collapsing anchors and chaining anchors.

  • NLP and Strategies & Techniques – applications of NLP and it’s more widely used techniques. Including swish pattern, visual squash, fast phobia cure, Quickstep reframe. Timelines.


The difference between our training and so many others is you will see the principles of NLP being used rather than just talked about. This is why we have a phobia day where you get the chance to put your skills into practice and overcome any personal fears or phobias while working to help others overcome theirs. At the end of each course our unique testing afternoon - THE NLP GAMES"

You will learn how to apply the above principles and put them into practice in your family, personal development, relationships, sports and recreation, business, and career throughout your everyday life!

Still unsure if the NLP Practitioner is right for you?

All great relationships begin with a conversation. If you have any hesitations, questions, queries about the NLP Practitioner then we are happy to discuss your needs. Let's find out what you are looking for and whether this training is a good fit.

Use the connection form below and either Steve, Tina, or one of the team will get back to you.


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