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SAOC Membership Group 
Secret Agents of Change

The Secret Agents of Change (SAOC) Membership Group is a private subscription group that supports therapists, coaches, and consultants.

Join the Elite: Become a Secret Agent of Change

Welcome to our exclusive monthly subscription group, a unique sanctuary designed for therapists, coaches, and consultants committed to mastering their craft. Here at NLP MasterCLASS, we believe in the power of "Practicing Your Practice" and "Growing Your Practice" - because the journey to making a significant impact begins with personal evolution.

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Why Join Us?

  • Exclusive Membership: Our doors open only a few times a year, ensuring that we dedicate our focus and resources to support our existing members fully. This selective intake process guarantees a community of engaged, like-minded professionals, all on a mission to elevate their practice.

  • A Community of Change-Makers: Imagine being part of a group that’s more than a network - it’s a movement. As "Secret Agents of Change," we're not just talking about making the world a better place; we're doing it. By investing in our own development first, we're equipped to lead by example, inspire change, and make a tangible difference.

  • A Fun, Yet Professional Environment: Who says professional development can't be enjoyable? Our approach is light-hearted and fun, but don't let that fool you. We're serious about success. Through engaging materials, interactive sessions, and collaborative projects, we ensure that every member not only grows but enjoys the journey.

What's Included?

  • Monthly Support: Regular monthly updates take you on a Mastery Growth Path; everything we offer is designed to help you "Practice Your Practice" and "Grow Your Practice" in the most effective way possible.

  • Exclusive Member Benefits: Members enjoy exclusive access to replays of public Practice Group and Guest MasterCLASS events designed to inspire and provoke thought, driving you to innovate in your practice. You receive members discounts on public training so it's easy to recover your membership fees simply by attending one course.

  • A Supportive Network: Connect with fellow agents of change during the AHA MasterMIND sessions. Here, every question asked is a step forward, and every answer given is a leap toward collective growth.


Become Part of Something Bigger

Becoming a Secret Agent of Change means stepping into a role that goes beyond your practice. It's about becoming part of a global movement of professionals determined to make a difference, starting with themselves. If you're ready to take this leap, watch for our open enrollment periods. Spaces are limited, and the opportunity to become a secret agent of change is exclusive.


Are You Ready to Transform Your Practice—and the World?

Let's embark on this journey together. To learn more about how to join our next intake, watch the explainer video sign up for our waiting list today and be the first to know when the doors to change swing open again.

Explainer Video

All your questions answered- ensure you watch it before joining.

Please note the dates for enrolling mentioned in the explainer video have changed - once you've watched the video, the dates can be found at the foot of this page. 

How You Benefit and What You Get 

Here’s what your transformative SAOC month looks like, with every event unfolding on a pivotal Thursday:

  • Week 1: Practicing Your Practice Video Training Lesson
    Kickstart your month with our video lesson dedicated to refining your therapeutic skills. This session is designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your capabilities, setting a solid foundation for becoming a better therapist.

  • Week 2: Growing Your Practice Video Session
    Elevate your week with strategies to expand your reach, market effectively, and build a profitable five-star business. This video is your blueprint for success, packed with insights on selling your services and making your practice thrive.

  • Week 3: Online Practice Group
    Join our open-to-the-public online practice group, where we delve into additional topics, allowing you to sharpen your NLP and hypnotherapy skills further. This interactive session encourages you to apply what you’ve learned in a supportive and engaging environment. As a member, you get exclusive access to the replays, so you can revisit them whenever you want.

  • Week 4: AHA (Ask Him or Her Anything) MasterMIND
    Conclude your month with our exclusive MasterMIND session. This is your chance to ask questions, tackle challenges, and even experience transformative change work. It’s a rare opportunity to meet and interact with the trainers directly, gaining personalized insights and guidance. (Excludes December)

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A Typical SAOC Month

Embark on a journey of professional evolution with us. Dive into an experience that's not just about growth but about becoming a part of a community that shares your vision and passion. Our membership is an investment in your future, in becoming a beacon of change and excellence in your field. Spaces are limited to ensure each member receives the attention and support they need, so don’t miss your chance to join. Become the change you wish to see, one Thursday at a time.

Your SAOC Path To Mastery

Each month, we curate video lessons centered around a unique theme, followed by a deep dive into specific subjects. These lessons, varying in length—some extending over an hour—accumulate into a comprehensive program meticulously designed to support your growth journey. As you evolve in your practice and business, this repository of knowledge remains a valuable resource, allowing you to revisit and delve deeper into topics whenever you need.

During our AHA MasterMIND sessions, these monthly themes are brought into focus, offering you a platform to explore the subject matter further. It's an interactive environment where questions are encouraged, and insights flow freely, allowing for a richer understanding of the material. These discussions with the trainers and fellow members not only enhance your learning experience but also help in applying these insights to your practice.

View the path to mastery not just as a learning curve but as a unique opportunity to develop continuously with the support and guidance of mentors by your side. This journey is about more than just accumulating knowledge; it's about integrating this wisdom into your daily practice and business, ensuring that you grow not only as a professional but as a visionary in your field

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Practicing Your NLP Practice

SAOC Growing your Practice - Path to Mastery.jpg

Growing Your NLP Practice

Easy Access and Many Benefits

Upon enrollment, you will gain immediate access to our iCollege online platform, the central hub for all our training content. Here's a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Account Setup: Once you subscribe, you'll receive immediate online instructions to set up your account, including setting your password and confirming your email. These are your keys to the kingdom, so keep them safe.

  2. Email Confirmation: Look out for a confirmation email from us. It's important to save this for future reference. This email will also contain a bookmark-worthy link to the iCollege platform, ensuring you always have the SAOC Members area at your fingertips. For ease of access, a direct button link is provided below.

  3. Welcome Aboard: Once logged in, your first stop should be our welcome video. It's packed with information to help you navigate through your journey. Take some time to explore the member benefits section to fully understand the value of your membership.

  4. Engage and Participate: Mark your calendar for the Practice Group sessions and the AHA MasterMIND. These are your opportunities to apply what you learn, ask questions, and engage directly with trainers and fellow members.


Exclusive Bonus for SAOC Members: As part of your membership, you'll receive complimentary access to the ICCH Foundation course in clinical hypnotherapy. This non-certification, yet comprehensive, 16-module course, normally valued at £300, is yours free for the duration of your membership. It's an incredible opportunity to deepen your understanding and skills in clinical hypnotherapy at no extra cost. By joining, the value you receive is akin to reclaiming your membership fee — an investment in your professional growth that pays for itself.

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What You Do Next

The investment in your subscription is not just a step towards enhancing your professional skills; it's a safeguard against the future. By locking in your subscription rate now, you secure yourself from any future membership price increases. This fixed investment ensures it remains unchanged. It's a smart decision on your part, one that guarantees not just growth but financial foresight.

Deciding to join our Secret Agent of Change (SAOC) membership group is more than just a commitment to professional development; it's an entry into a closed community of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to making the world a better place. However, access to this community is exclusive, with doors opening only at irregular intervals throughout the year. These windows of opportunity are announced exclusively through our newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed yet, now is the time to ensure you don’t miss out. For those eagerly waiting, we send out notifications the moment doors reopen. When that moment comes, seize it. Fortune indeed favors the bold, and in our quest for change, there's no room for hesitation. Dabblers may dither, but agents of change take decisive action.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you into our fold, where together, we'll conspire to bring about positive transformations. Join us in our mission to make the world a better place, one bold step at a time. :)

Membership IS NOW OPEN

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