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Clinical Hypnotherapy

International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy - Foundation Course 

Hypnosis is a foundation skill that EVERY coach, therapist, and consultants who aspires to run a successful professional practice should master

The ability to communicate and make changes to your unconscious systems is what makes NLP and hypnosis such effective processes for personal change work. Once you learn that hypnosis and trance are naturally occurring phenomena and that we all have the ability to retrain, reeducate, reprogram ourselves and others, at an unconscious level, most people just simply want to learn more.

The International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy offers its accredited training in association with the NLP MasterCLASS so you get all the benefits of NLP and hypnotherapy with one company.

Discover whether the ICCH Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnotherapy is right for you by first watching the FREE Masterclass where Tina Taylor walk you through the key elements of starting a successful hypnotherapy practice.

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“There are so many hypnosis organisations around these days, so if you want to be assured that you are getting cutting edge training in clinical hypnotherapy, then, in my opinion, The International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy is the best place for you.”

Paul McKenna

Who the ICCH foundation course is suitable for

The Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnotherapy gives you a solid understanding of hypnosis, trance, and how to manage the hypnotic experience; it is also essential training for those wishing to complete the Diploma.  


The Foundation Course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn hypnosis for personal development as well as self-improvement. It provides essential skills for those wishing to go on to develop a career in therapy, coaching, or counseling. It's perfect whether you are intending to become a clinical hypnotherapist, curious about hypnosis and how you can use it, or want to learn how to use trance for personal benefits. This course gives students an extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of hypnosis techniques, including different methods for inducing trance, creating your own trance inductions, and how to set up your practice within the UK.

There are 2 Foundation options either: simply purchase and study the online ICCH Foundation Non-Certification Option, which is for those interested in personal and professional learning without the need for a qualification, and then upgrade and sign up for the  Certificate of Accreditation, for those who wish to go on to study how to apply their hypnosis to therapeutic situations.


For many, the Certificate of Accreditation is the first entry point onto the ICCH Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

What the ICCH Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnotherapy will give you.

​Most coaches, therapists, and consultants want two things; MORE clients and MORE clients! One way to get more clients is to be able to deliver effective lasting change, this leads to happy clients, a great reputation, and a referral business because you deliver results.


When you enrol on the ICCH Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnotherapy:

  • You will learn how to set up a profitable practice?

  • You will discover how to use trance to guide clients to access resources and make behavioral changes

  • You will feel confident working with people for a wide range of needs?

What the ICCH Foundation Course includes

  • 18 modules of comprehensive training material enabling you to complete your course online and start your hypnotherapy business quicker than you imagined. We suggest taking between 3 to 4 months to study and cover the course materials.

  • 14 day money back guarantee - if after reviewing the course materials you feel the foundation course is not for you, then email for a no questions asked full refund within 14 days. During the 14-day period, modules one to five will be available to you. The rest of the course will open once the 14 day period has expired.

  • Online support from the ICCH team of approved trainers and supervisors in the closed Facebook group is available for the Certificate of Accreditation.


How You Can Begin Your Hypnotherapy Journey

It's a simple two-step process.

STEP ONE: Enrol in the ICCH Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Non-Certification Option test try it out and check that training as a hypnotherapist is for you. This is a low-cost entry option for a high-value course.

STEP TWO: Once you are satisfied that this is the path for you then email us and upgrade to the Certificate of Accreditation, this is the same online content however we offer supervision, and certification details which are below. 

ICCH Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Non Certification Option.

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If you want to experience a hypnotherapy course without the rigor of exams then we offer a self-study option where you can benefit from the quality training in the Foundation course.

  • Many who take the Non-Certification Option then decide they have enjoyed the training so much that they wish to pursue a career in hypnotherapy. You can upgrade to the Certification of Accreditation at any time.

ICCH Foundation Non-Certification Option - £300

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ICCH Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Certificate of Accreditation

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If you want to study hypnotherapy to make hypnotherapy your career, then the ICCH Online Foundation Certificate of Accreditation is your choice. 

  • We require the receipt of your learning journal and completed assignments and verification that you have watched the lessons before we can let you sit your exam. 

  • The Certificate of Accreditation is an independently assessed online exam held by the General Hypnotherapy Register ( GHR) - the details of exam dates will be arranged by the Foundation tutor.

  • When you have passed your exam, you receive a Certificate of Accreditation and can join the GHR as an Affiliate. You can also register with the Complementary and General Health Care Council. You will be an Accredited Practitioner with the IAPCP, and you are also eligible to enroll in the ICCH Diploma program.

ICCH Foundation Certificate of Accreditation Option - The Foundation costs are the original £300 for your non-certification course enrollment plus £700 for the upgrade for supervision, exam, and certification, which is paid after enrolling in the non-certification course.


Total Certificate of Accreditation Fee £1000.  

Once enrolled in the non-certification course, email us to arrange the upgrade (costing an additional fee of £700).

Once you have paid the upgrade fee, your supervisor will email you to welcome you and arrange an onboarding 15-minute welcome call via Zoom to discuss your plans and study schedule. They will arrange access to the closed Facebook group and explain the learning journal and exam requirements. Supervision is online and via email and includes one email thread per module.


We're Here To Help Let's Talk

We totally understand that the time money and effort when committing to a new career is big investment at so many levels. If you want to discuss any aspect of the ICCH trainings use the Connect Form and we will be happy to talk and answer any questions you may have.


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