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Licensed NLP
Master Practitioner Certification

The Licensed NLP Master Practitioner Certification is where we take your NLP Practitioner skills to the next level of Mastery 

If your NLP Practitioner is where you learn to drive, and pass your test, then the NLP Master Practitioner is where you will learn to become an advanced stunt driver. Or if you prefer another metaphor; during your Practitioner you would have been taught the basics of cookery and during your NLP Master Practitioner you will learn how to create signature dishes worthy of a Michelin star chef or a high-quality pop-up restaurant or amazing street food vendor. 


The difference between an NLP Practitioner and an NLP Master Practitioner can be measured in the hours spent mastering their skills, and the quality of the training they have had. You first learn the fundamentals and then you aspire to mastery and that requires two key things. Practice and learning from masters.

The NLP Master Practitioner will teach you how to upgrade your personal operating system with strategies, behaviours and habits of high performing successful people while you deepen and broaden your NLP expertise.


“The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can't, but in the things you've never considered doing.”

Dr Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler
Recommends training with NLP MasterCLASS

How will becoming an NLP Master Practitioner benefit you?

The NLP Master Practitioner Certification will give you:


  • increased confidence in your NLP knowledge and experience

  • A deeper understanding of human behaviours including motivation, decision making and perceptions

  • An ability to manage and transform your habits, and those of others.

  • An accelerated way to acquire new skills and behaviours.


Remember that scene in the Matrix where Nemo first discovers he can learn martial arts and he then flies a helicopter without any lessons just a nifty download?  Well that’s what the NLP Master Practitioner is all about; albeit with a catch. With NLP you are able to install and update your own personal and professional operating system and download updates to the way you think and behave and the results you create.The catch is that although NLP Is a way to accelerate transformative changes, there is no getting away from doing the practice and undergoing the training; don't believe anyone who says that NLP can be taught in a few days, can be trained wholly online, or without any effort on your part. 


If all you want is a piece of paper, a worthless certificate with no substance or skills to back it, there are plenty who will take your money, if you are after quality, relevance, and experiential skills then this is the course for you.


The NLP Master Practitioner Certification is an extremely powerful course that will give you the actual techniques, strategies and patterns for fast change and a huge increase in performance on every level. This program has been designed by Steve Crabb and Tina Taylor who have trained with some of the best coaches in the world, they have worked with high performing people in a wide range of disciplines, so it's guaranteed to be eyes opening, relevant, cutting edge, and up to date! 


The subjects you will learn cover most of the key strategies, goals, dreams, hopes and wishes of most people. Think of it as a wish list of personal transformation and you get the idea of what delights wait for you when you enrol.

Spring 2025 LONDON


Weekend 1

Thursday 30th, Friday 31st January, Saturday 1st, Sunday 2nd February 2025

Weekend 2

Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th February 2025


Regents University, Inner Circle, London.


NLP Master Practitioner

  • Standard fee £2400

  • Early Bird - £2000 (limited time)


What You Will Learn During Your Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP

The NLP Master Practitioner Syllabus Includes:


  • Super Learning Strategies for accelerated learning and recall. 

  • Advanced communication skills both verbal and non-verbal.

  • Strategies for goal setting, motivation, and confidence.

  • Advanced skills for building rapport and trust to persuade and influence.

  • Emotional and state management for building resilience and positivity. 

  • Advanced timeline techniques for personal and professional transformations. 

  • Strategies for creativity and developing new skills

  • Techniques for breaking bad and installing new habits

  • Advanced applications of hypnosis for personal and professional growth and evolution.


This programme takes personal development or self-help to another level so you’re learning curve can become a veritable quantum leap, taking your abilities to input and process information and then implement it to another level.

People Choose To Train With The NLP MasterCLASS Because...

  • Training is experiential and applicable to real life.

  • NLP and hypnosis are used to train NLP to speed up learning and improving recall

  • Training is based upon the trainers having a combined 4 decades of high-level experience of NLP training and practical applications.

  • All certificates are countersigned by Dr. Richard Bandler a sign of credibility of training having been delivered to the highest of standards.

  • Training is spread out over weekends enabling practice between meetings and for the teachings to be fully absorbed.

  • Virtual training between live weekends to reinforce and support the live training and deepen your understanding.

  • You receive after-training support with the Student Dojo, NLP Guest MasterCLASS events, the NLP MasterCLASS Facebook group, and with the Secret Agents of Change Membership Group a subscription group to support coaches, therapists, and consultants with developing their skills and building their practices.

  • Rates are affordable and group sizes are limited for comfort, safety, and optimal interaction with the trainers.

All NLP MasterCLASS training events are licensed and approved by the Society of NLP. Training and presented by not one but two NLP Master Trainers. Both Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb have been Head Assistant to Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), spent 1000's of hours training NLP and using it in their professional lives. You will be learning from two of the UK's top NLP trainers

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