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Deposit - NLP Trainings

Deposit - NLP Trainings


DEPOSIT - NLP Training Events

Pay a  £500 deposit to secure your place on any of the NLP Training events, which are open and taking bookings.


The deposit payment secures the Early Bird price displayed for the training at the time of paying the deposit. 


Upon receipt of your deposit, we will email you to confirm your booking, which is provisional until the balance is paid in full on the following basis:


Deposit terms and conditions are the same as when booking a standard event but include the following.

  1. When booking choose the event you are securing a place on, we will email you to confirm the dates, deposit, and secured early bird rate.
  2. The balance of the Early Bird must be paid in full four weeks before the event start date.
  3. You will receive an invoice for the balance due five weeks before the start date, giving students seven days to pay the balance in full. The balance must be paid directly to the bank and not using a credit or debit card, so we can keep transaction costs down and offer the deposit option.
  4. Students wishing to pay the balance by credit or debit card must inform us when booking and will receive a balance invoice plus a £50 admin charge to cover transaction costs.
  5. If the balance payment is not made within seven days, we will send another request on the seventh day for immediate payment.  If this is not made, the student will forfeit the Early Bird rate secured and will be required to pay the Standard event price.
  6. Early Bird bookings may not be rescheduled or deferred and are not eligible for refunds.
  7. An invoice will be raised for the balance of the Standard event price, which is due for payment upon presentation.
  8. All deposits are subject to standard terms and conditions.


Please highlight which event you are depositing for. 

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