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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Ever dreamt of a career that touches souls?

Your dream is within reach with the ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy.


More than a program, it's a gateway to transforming lives, including yours.

  • Dive deep into advanced hypnotherapy.

  • Receive wisdom from masters.

  • Join a fellowship of changemakers.

  • Learn to build a flourishing practice.

  • Enjoy a learning journey tailored to your life.

Be the beacon of change in a world seeking healing.

Our unique approach combines psychotherapy with the latest NLP methodologies, as taught by Dr. Bandler's International Master Trainers. This distinctive blend offers our graduates a whole new dimension in Clinical Hypnotherapy, giving them a competitive edge in the field.

"Transforming Lives, Creating Waves: Your Journey in Clinical Hypnotherapy Begins with a Single Ripple of Change."

Embark on a journey of profound transformation with the ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy. Our program does more than just introduce the basics of hypnosis and trance state management; it immerses you in the art and science of effective hypnotherapy, tailored to address specific challenges your clients face. As a graduate of our esteemed diploma program, you'll be adept at navigating the complexities of the human mind, bringing about meaningful change in those you help.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond clinical expertise. We equip you with the essential tools to build a thriving, professional practice. At ICCH, we don't just shape skilled therapists; we cultivate leaders in the field who are as savvy in business as they are in therapy. Step into a career that's not just rewarding but flourishing. Your journey to becoming a catalyst for positive change in the world starts here, with us at ICCH."

Finding What You Need Quickly and Easily

Training Designed with Your Success in Mind.
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Why Choose the ICCH?

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The Diploma Syllabus

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Semesters, Modules & Dates

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Why Choose to Study with the ICCH?

Why choose the ICCH
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Ideal for international students, our program offers the convenience of learning from anywhere in the world.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into a curriculum that encompasses teaching, testing, practicing, and reinforcing learning for a complete educational experience.

  • Supportive Learning Environment: Benefit from the guidance of dedicated tutors and supervision teams, ensuring support throughout your journey.

  • World-Class Tutorage: Learn from the best in the field with expert tutors enriching your educational experience.

  • Affordable Fees and Finance Options: We provide competitive pricing and flexible finance options, making quality education accessible.

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy holds accreditation from both the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and the IAPCP - International Alliance of Professional Complementary Professionals. Graduates of our program gain eligibility for registration with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

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“There are so many hypnosis organisations around these days, so if you want to be assured that you are getting cutting edge training in clinical hypnotherapy, then, in my opinion, The International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy is the best place for you.”

Paul McKenna

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy Syllabus

Embark on a journey to mastery with the ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy  – a meticulously designed one-year program culminating in a comprehensive final examination. Structured for success, our program is divided into two semesters each academic year. The upcoming Summer Semester, starting in July 2024, offers an immersive learning experience until June 2025.

In this program, you'll delve into ten thoughtfully curated modules, each targeting distinct areas of hypnotherapy. From mastering specific techniques to addressing common disorders, our curriculum is tailored to develop your skills in working with a wide array of clients. This in-depth approach not only enhances your expertise but also instills the confidence needed for advanced practice.

Seize the opportunity to transform your passion into a profession with our upcoming semester. Join us at ICCH and step into the world of clinical hypnotherapy equipped with top-tier training and knowledge."

Diploma Syllabus

Training Designed with Your Success in Mind.
Online - Tutor - Practice - Supervision 

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy is a comprehensive and dynamic one-year program that combines online learning, expert tutoring, practical exercises, and professional supervision for an effective educational experience.

The curriculum spans ten engaging monthly modules over the academic year; each module is tailored to explore specific aspects of hypnotherapy and tackle various common disorders. This design not only broadens your skills but also builds confidence in your ability to cater to a diverse clientele.

Key features of the ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy program include:

  • Online Accessibility: Dive into our comprehensive course materials anytime, anywhere. With modules released monthly, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace while staying on track with our structured syllabus.

  • Expert-Led Tutoring: Join our monthly 2-hour live sessions with renowned trainers. These interactive sessions offer insights from experienced professionals like Tina Taylor, Steve Crabb, and Gloria Hammett, enriching your learning experience.

  • Practice Labs: Apply what you've learned in our live practice labs held on the third Saturday of each month. These sessions, supervised by ICCH-accredited professionals, are crucial for honing your practical skills.

  • Professional Supervision: Benefit from our monthly 2-hour live Supervision sessions. Here, you'll review modules and discuss your practical experiences, gaining valuable feedback and guidance.

For those unable to attend the Saturday Practice Labs, we offer alternative sessions on the following Tuesday, ensuring you don’t miss out on these vital learning experiences.

Embrace this opportunity for a comprehensive and flexible learning journey. Enroll in the ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy and step into a fulfilling career in clinical hypnotherapy."

Training Designed with Your Success in Mind.
Reviews - Assignments - Journals - Exams 

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy was designed for international students who seek a comprehensive, interactive, and supportive learning experience in the field of hypnotherapy and require the flexibility of online training.


Our program structure is carefully crafted to ensure a deep and practical understanding of hypnotherapy, perfect for those ready to embark on a professional journey in this transformative field.

Diploma Monthly Course Format.jpg

What the ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy Program Includes:

  • Holistic Online Learning: Access our rich online content, designed to provide you with a strong foundation in hypnotherapy. Each module offers detailed insights and is complemented by interactive online reviews to track your progress.

  • Live Trainer Sessions and Practice Events: Engage in live, trainer-led sessions and practical labs, where you apply your learning in real-world scenarios. These sessions are crucial for developing hands-on experience.

  • Monthly Learning Journals: Document your journey and insights in a monthly learning journal submitted online. This reflective practice is key to deepening your understanding and personal growth.

  • Four Key Assignments: Challenge your knowledge and skills with four comprehensive assignments throughout the year. These assignments are integral to your academic development and contribute significantly to your final evaluation.

  • Expert Supervision and Support: Benefit from our monthly online supervision sessions, where our professional supervision team offers guidance, assesses your progress, and answers your course-related queries.

  • Dedicated Student Liaison Tutor: Each student is paired with a student liaison tutor, providing a go-to source for support and assistance throughout your studies.

  • Final Exam: Culminate your learning experience with a final exam that assesses the breadth of your knowledge and practical skills.

We support your learning journey every step of the way.

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy iCollege

Accessing course materials

Training Designed with Your Success in Mind.
iCollege is your one-stop study resource 

When you start your semester, you will get access to our comprehensive and easy-to-navigate iCollege, where you will find all of your course materials in one place. All the information you need for modules, lessons, assignments, journals, reviews, and exams in one simple-to-use and easy-to-navigate place, leaving you free to focus on putting your skills into practice. 

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The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy  - Semesters, Modules & Dates

semesters modules and dates

Embark on your journey into the world of clinical hypnotherapy with ease and clarity with our ICCH Diploma program for the 2023/24 academic year. Our structured and comprehensive approach ensures that you have all the necessary information to successfully navigate your studies:

  • Semesters with Key Dates: Clear and concise dates for the start and finish of each semester, allowing you to plan your academic year effectively and manage your commitments seamlessly.

  • The Syllabus by Modules: A detailed outline of each module in the diploma program, providing you with a clear understanding of the topics and subject matter you will explore throughout your studies.

  • Monthly Calendar with Exam Dates: An organized monthly breakdown of the curriculum, complete with important exam dates, ensuring that you're always prepared and ahead in your academic journey.

  • Syllabus by Specialisation: Dive deeper into your area of interest with additional information on each module's content, enabling you to align your learning with your professional aspirations.​

Semesters with Key Dates


SUMMER 2024 INTAKE & EXAM: Summer Semester 2024 students begin with Module One on July 2024 and will sit their exam July 2025 - - students will join in with the Autumn 23 intake for tutor, practice, and supervision sessions.

Green Snowflake

WINTER 2025 INTAKE & EXAM: Winter Semester 2025 students begin with Module Six commencing January 2025 and will sit their exam on January 2026 - - students will join in with the Summer 24 intake for tutor, practice, and supervision sessions.

The Syllabus by Modules​

  • Module One:  Hypnotic Anaesthesia – July 2024
  • Module Two: Relationships – August 2024 

  • Module Three: Psycho-Sexual Disorders & Fertility – September 2024

  • Module Four: Depression – October 2024

  • Module Five: Grief – November 2024

  • Module Six: Anxiety, Fears & Phobias – January 2025

  • Module Seven: Behaviourism – February 2025

  • Module Eight: Weight and Food Issues – March 2025

  • Module Nine: Addictions – April 2025

  • Module Ten: Regression – May 2025

Green Snowflake

Monthly Calendar with Exam Dates.​

  • July 24 -  Module One - Hypnotic Anaesthesia SUMMER SEMESTER START

  • August 24 - Module Two - Relationships 

  • September 24 -  Module Three - Psycho-Sexual Disorders & Fertility

  • October 24 -  Module Four -Depression 

  • October 24 - Exam for Autumn Semester 2023 students

  • November 24 -  Module Five - Grief 

  • December 24 - Revision and study month in preparation for the exam.

  • January 25 - Module Six - Anxiety, Fears & Phobias  WINTER SEMESTER START

  • ​February 25 - Module Seven - Behaviourism 

  • March 25 -  Module Eight - Weight and Food Issues 

  • April 25 -  Module Nine - Addictions 

  • May 25 - Module Ten - Regression 

  • June 25 - Revision and study month in preparation for the exam.

  • July 25 -   Exam for Summer Semester 2024 students

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The Syllabus by Specialisation

Syllabus by specialisation

Module One - Hypnotic Anasesthesia

Studying hypnosis within our program offers several modern-day advantages while drawing on its historical significance. Hypnotic anesthesia remains a valuable alternative for individuals allergic to chemical anesthesia, ensuring both a pain-free experience and reduced risks. Beyond anesthesia, you'll gain expertise in managing chronic pain, addressing a prevalent and debilitating issue. This skill empowers you to enhance your clients' quality of life significantly.

Furthermore, our program provides specialized training by Tina Taylor, focusing on helping women have more comfortable birth experiences. This training benefits not only mothers but also healthcare practitioners who aim to offer compassionate and competent care during childbirth. It reflects the practical and applicable skills you'll acquire, positioning you as a caring and skilled hypnotherapy practitioner.

In summary, our program combines historical insights into hypnosis with modern, real-world applications. You'll be equipped to provide painless medical procedures, manage chronic pain effectively, and offer empathetic childbirth support, making a tangible difference in your client's well-being.

Module Two - Relationships

In this module, you'll acquire the skills to address relationship challenges effectively, guiding patients toward healthier connections. Relationships often encounter conflicts, communication breakdowns, and emotional struggles. You'll learn to help individuals navigate these issues and break free from old patterns of co-dependent and victimized behaviors, fostering more fulfilling bonds.

Key to this approach is promoting self-awareness in patients, enabling them to recognize when their emotional triggers are activated and respond more resourcefully. This heightened self-awareness empowers individuals to tackle relationship dynamics differently, resulting in stronger, more harmonious connections and a more fulfilling life overall.

In essence, this module goes beyond surface-level advice, delving deep into core issues affecting individuals and their relationships. You'll learn how to guide patients toward healthier, authentic, and satisfying connections, helping them break free from destructive patterns and build more rewarding paths in both their personal and interpersonal lives.

Module Three - Psycho-Sexual Disorders & Fertility

Studying the Psychosexual and Fertility Disorders module within our program offers numerous compelling benefits for students eager to make a difference in the lives of their clients. Psychosexual and fertility disorders, often rooted in anxiety and without a discernible physical cause, can significantly impact individuals' well-being and relationships. These issues are commonly categorized as performance anxieties, and addressing them with a hypnotherapeutic approach can be transformative.

By studying this module, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of these intricate issues, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to guide your clients toward resolution and healing. You'll learn how to effectively alleviate the psychological barriers that hinder sexual and fertility health, providing a holistic approach that goes beyond conventional treatments.

Furthermore, the demand for professionals who can address psychosexual and fertility disorders is steadily rising. Many individuals seek help for these deeply personal and often distressing concerns. Completing this module will not only enable you to make a positive impact on your client's lives but also open up new career opportunities in the growing field of sexual and reproductive health.

Module Four - Depression

Depression is a pervasive issue that continues to expand, with a growing number of individuals seeking alternative methods to alleviate their suffering, often with the goal of avoiding or reducing their reliance on antidepressant medications.

Our curriculum not only provides a deep understanding of the multifaceted theories surrounding depression but also equips you with the transformative power of clinical hypnotherapy in addressing this debilitating condition. By mastering these techniques, you'll be well-prepared to offer highly effective solutions to your clients and patients who are grappling with depression. You will be a valuable resource, helping them find relief and hope on their journey toward improved mental health and well-being.

Beyond the profound impact you can make in the lives of those suffering from depression, your expertise in clinical hypnotherapy for depression opens doors to a rewarding career in a field where compassionate professionals are in high demand. 

Module Five - Grief

Grief is an inevitable part of the human experience, and understanding how to guide individuals through this process is not only invaluable but deeply rewarding. By enrolling in this program, you'll become adept at helping your clients strike a delicate balance between processing their grief and engaging in adaptive avoidance activities. This skill empowers them to find moments of respite from the overwhelming intensity of their sorrow, ultimately promoting emotional healing and well-being.

You will acquire the skills to help your clients reshape their relationship with grief, providing them with valuable tools to navigate the grieving process. You'll become proficient in guiding clients towards a more adaptive and constructive approach to grief that goes beyond traditional methods. This transformative approach offers a unique and meaningful way for individuals to cherish the memories of their loved ones, find solace, and embark on a journey towards emotional healing and closure.

Ultimately, the benefits of studying this module extend far beyond professional development. You'll become a compassionate and skilled guide, capable of making a profound difference in the lives of those grappling with grief. Your ability to offer solace, support, and healing to individuals experiencing one of life's most challenging experiences is a gift that transcends boundaries and can lead to a deeply fulfilling career dedicated to helping others find hope and renewal amidst their pain.

Module Six - Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

Anxiety, fear, and phobic disorders affect millions of people, leading to profound distress and limitations in their daily lives. As a student in this program, you'll be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals suffering from these debilitating conditions.

The prevalence of anxiety-related disorders continues to rise, and individuals are seeking effective ways to alleviate their symptoms and regain control over their lives. By studying this module, you'll gain the expertise needed to address a range of conditions, including panic disorder, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. This specialization empowers you to offer valuable support and guidance, providing clients with the hope and skills necessary to conquer their fears and phobias.

Moreover, your proficiency in dealing with anxiety, fear, and phobic disorders opens doors to a fulfilling and rewarding career. There is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can help individuals overcome these challenges and lead more fulfilling lives. By honing your expertise in this field, you'll not only make a significant impact on the well-being of your clients but also position yourself as a sought-after practitioner in the field of mental health.

Module Seven - Behaviourism

In this focused module, students dive deep into the intricacies of behavioral theories, gaining invaluable insights into the mechanics of human behavior. You will explore the fundamental concept of stimulus-response, delving into how habits, both good and bad, are not only formed but also how they can be effectively dismantled. Understanding the underlying principles of behavior is crucial for anyone looking to facilitate meaningful change in individuals' lives.

Additionally, this module delves into the fascinating realm of human motivation, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of what drives individuals to engage in specific behaviors. This knowledge is instrumental in helping clients make sustainable changes in their lives, as it offers a window into the psychological factors that underlie their actions and choices.

The centerpiece of this module is the Hypno-Behavioral protocol, a powerful tool that equips students with the expertise to address unwanted habits. You will explore aversion versus confusion techniques, learning how to guide individuals toward breaking free from patterns that no longer serve them. This specialized knowledge empowers students to make a significant impact in helping clients reshape their behaviors and lead more fulfilling lives.

Module Eight - Weight and Food Issues

Today, issues related to food, weight, and eating disorders are prevalent, affecting countless individuals seeking support and guidance. By studying this module, students will gain a profound understanding of these complex issues and the tools to effectively assist clients in their journey towards a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

One of the central aspects of this module is equipping students with strategies to help clients deal with food and weight-related challenges. From understanding the psychological underpinnings of these issues to implementing hypnotic diet plans, students will acquire a diverse skill set aimed at empowering individuals to make sustainable changes in their eating habits. Learning how to motivate clients to adhere to their new eating plans is a crucial component, ensuring lasting results and improved well-being.


This module explores the highly impactful technique of installing a hypnotic gastric band. This innovative approach provides a non-invasive alternative to surgical interventions, enabling students to guide clients towards effective weight management. Furthermore, the module delves into the critical area of eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia. By studying these conditions, students will be well-prepared to offer compassionate and effective support, helping individuals overcome these challenging and often life-threatening disorders

Module Nine - Addictions

Exploring the world of addiction, this module offers students a profound understanding of a complex issue that extends beyond common misconceptions. Often, addiction is narrowly associated with substance dependence, such as alcohol and drugs, and is stereotypically perceived as afflicting only the most visibly distressed individuals. However, the reality is far more nuanced. Many individuals grappling with addiction may remain unnoticed, skillfully managing their daily lives while concealing their dependency. It is this hidden aspect of addiction that makes early intervention and effective support critical.

This module delves into various forms of addiction and explores the intricate triggers that drive individuals to continue their addictive behavior, even when they are aware of the harm it inflicts. Understanding the psychological and emotional dynamics underlying addiction is key to providing effective support. Moreover, students will learn a range of powerful strategies aimed at facilitating change in addictive behavior. Equipped with this knowledge, practitioners will be able to offer comprehensive assistance to those seeking to break free from the grip of addiction, helping them reclaim their lives and well-being. 

Module Ten - Regression

Delving into the realm of regressive techniques, this module offers students a unique opportunity to explore the profound effects of these therapeutic approaches. While the concept of regressing in time may seem unconventional to some, it holds immense potential for healing and personal growth. Throughout this module, students will not only examine the concept of timelines but also engage in practical exercises aimed at facilitating inner child healing, helping patients overcome trauma, and reviewing time-related experiences.


One significant aspect of this module is the exploration of past life regressions and future life progression. It's important to note that one need not believe in past lives for these techniques to be effective. The module provides a comprehensive understanding of the process and the ways in which individuals can find resolutions to longstanding problems that have eluded them using these innovative therapeutic approaches. This opens up a realm of possibilities for students, enabling them to offer transformative experiences to their clients, ultimately leading to personal growth and emotional healing.

By studying this module, students gain valuable insights into regressive techniques, expanding their skill set as practitioners in the field of hypnotherapy. These techniques offer a unique and powerful approach to addressing deep-seated emotional issues and traumas, making them a valuable addition to any therapeutic toolkit

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy - Accreditation & Certification

Accredited by Industry Leaders: A Seal of Quality and Professionalism

The Diploma is accredited by the Global Hypnotherapy Registry (GHR) and the International Alliance of Professional Complementary Practitioners (IAPCP), and represents more than just education. It's a symbol of trust and excellence in the hypnotherapy community. This accreditation assures you that our curriculum meets the highest standards of quality and relevance, preparing you for real-world success.


Certification That Sets You Apart

Achieving certification from our program isn’t just about passing exams; it's about demonstrating your competence and mastery in hypnotherapy. Our performance-based evaluation ensures that your certification reflects a deep, practical understanding of hypnotherapy techniques and their applications. This distinction is not just a piece of paper; it's a testament to your dedication and skill, making you a sought-after practitioner in the field.

Accreditation and Certification

World Class Training and Accreditation


A One Year Programme. 

ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
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Real-World Skills for Lasting Impact

Our program goes beyond theoretical knowledge. With practical assignments and performance-based assessments, you’ll develop skills that are immediately applicable in your practice. This hands-on approach ensures that you're not just learning, but also doing, which is crucial for building confidence and competence as a hypnotherapist.


Beyond Learning: Ongoing Support for Continued Excellence

Our commitment to your growth doesn’t end at certification. With supervision and practice labs, you're assured of ongoing support even after you complete your course. This means you'll continue honing your skills and staying abreast of the latest developments in hypnotherapy, ensuring your practice remains relevant and impactful.


Elevate Your Practice with Our Seal of Distinction

Graduates who achieve a distinction in our program are recognized for their above-average performance, showcasing an exceptional level of proficiency. This level of achievement not only enhances your credibility but also positions you as a leader in the field, opening doors to advanced professional opportunities and recognition

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy  - Entry Requirements

To enroll in the ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Achieved a pass or distinction in the ICCH Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy (Certificate of Accreditation.

  • Completed a Society of NLP Practitioner certification training. A copy of your certificate is required to register for your diploma exam. ( to be supplied during the onboarding process)

  • Successfully obtained the Mindvalley Paul McKenna Certificate in Hypnotherapy. A copy of your certificate is required to register for your diploma exam. ( to be supplied during the onboarding process)

  • Please email us the details for those who have undergone hypnotherapy training with another organization. We will review your credentials to determine if they are equivalent to our Foundation course. Based on our assessment, you may need to take the Foundation exam. Certification documentation must be presented before you sit for your diploma exam.


In addition to the above, all students are expected to demonstrate competence in the following areas to manage their studies effectively:

  • Proficient in English, as all course materials and examinations are in English.

  • Students should be capable of self-managing basic administrative tasks, including using software for word processing, file uploading, bookmarking, and saving essential links. They should also maintain their calendars, ensure their browsers and IT equipment are current, and utilize Zoom for meetings, recording client sessions, and uploading files to student folders.

  • Students are encouraged to use supporting tools such as translation, recording, and AI software to aid their studies. However, using AI or any software to complete assignments or during exams is strictly prohibited. Recording of lessons, supervision sessions, and practice labs is strictly forbidden. These materials are recorded for students, available in the iCollege, and protected by copyright.

  • We offer supervision support, but this does not extend to managing students' administrative tasks. Self-administration is a critical aspect of autonomous learning, which is an integral part of our curriculum and will be evaluated as part of the students' Learning Journal.

  • For students with learning difficulties. Please inform us during the onboarding process. You may qualify for additional time for assignments or examinations. We may require medical documentation to provide accommodations.


By ensuring these requirements are met, we aim to maintain a high standard of learning and achievement for all our students.

Entry Requirements

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy  - Bonus Materials

ADDITIONAL BONUS BENEFITS worth their weight in gold

  • Includes one year of FREE access to the NLP SAOC Membership Group, a subscription membership group set up to support therapists in building their practice. Includes monthly lessons in practice building as well as practical business tips, techniques, and lessons for building a profitable flourishing business.

  • Includes a FREE BONUS online course in "Passion into Profits." This recorded 3 day challenge online course will be made available only to students who have successfully attended 50% of the Diploma requirements. This is a bonus worth £750 REAL VALUE PRICELESS.

  • FREE access to any Advanced Masterclass'es run online during your study year. This is a bonus worth £2000 REAL VALUE PRICELESS.

  • FREE access to the ICCH Foundation course for the duration of your study year.

The Foundation course will be opened up for you once we have usefully welcomed you and completed the onboarding process; this is so you can prepare and practice ahead of the semester start date. SAOC will open up for you once the semester starts. Passion into Profits opens up once students have successfully completed the first six months of their semester training.

Bonus Materials
Advanced Submodalities Masterclass Teachable Course Thumbnail 1024 x 576.png
Teachable Course Thumbnail ICCH Foundation 1024 x 576.png

The ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy  - Fees and Payment Options

Fees and payment options

1. DIPLOMA - Full Payment Option

ICCH Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

Either secure with a deposit of £900

Balance of £3000 (payable 30 days before the Semester starts)

Pay in full.

Total Fees of £3900

2. DIPLOMA - Instalment Option

ICCH Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Secure with a deposit of £900

Balance of £3600

12 monthly payments of £300 (payable by Standing Order paid off in the study year)

Diploma - instalment option =  £4500 



Here are the payment options for the Diploma program:

Full Payment:

Installment Payment:

  • Secure your place with a £900 deposit through our online booking system.

  • Or request an invoice for the deposit by emailing us

  • Upon enrollment, we'll send you the necessary paperwork to set up a Standing Order for monthly installments, starting the month after enrollment and spread over 12 months.

Please remember to review our terms and conditions for detailed payment obligations.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Diploma, the options, or other ICCH courses we are here to help so......


ICCH Diploma Full Payment.png
ICCH Diploma Instalments.png

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