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Friends & Ambassadors of

Affiliate Programme

Just Imagine a WIN - WIN - WIN scenario where we collaborate to make the world a better place.

Launched August 2022,  "Friends and Ambassadors of NLP MasterCLASS Affiliate Programme." 

An exciting and easy way to support and assist your friends with their personal and professional growth and development, while you ethically earn a great regular income.

One of the best ways to grow and scale a business is by providing outstanding services/products, and having satisfied clients/ customers return for more, and recommending and referring you to their network, contacts, friends, and family. 

In February we launched our new website with a range of training events including:

Licensed NLP Practitioner Certification 

• Licensed NLP Master Practitioner Certification

• Business Alchemy - Glastonbury retreat.

• International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy - Foundation course in clinical hypnotherapy

• International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy - Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy

NLP MasterCLASS Affiliates Explainer Video

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The "Friends and Ambassadors of NLP MasterCLASS Affiliate Programme." is an opportunity for you to spread the word and share the benefits. 

We build our business primarily on referrals and want to say thank you to those of you who have benefitted from the training you’ve been on and want others to also benefit as you have.

If you’ve had a life-changing experience resulting from attending an NLP event then you know how transformational it can be, most of us have a network who all want some of what we’ve had. Well, when you become a "Friends and Ambassadors” you can tell them, show them and benefit personally when they enrol on any approved course. 


You can comfortably recommend and refer knowing we will look after your people and that they are in safe hands.

When you enrol as a Friend or Ambassador you will get access to an affiliate system which provides you with marketing copy, ads, videos, memes, gifs, emails, and text you can send to people plus blogs to show and tell them what the NLP MasterCLASS is about. The system will track any site visitors generated from your referrals and when an associated enrols the system tracks and assigns them to you.

They become a lifelong referral so any future courses or programmes they enrol on will also earn you a referral fee.

The referral fees are paid regularly and increase depending upon the amount of business generated. 

  • FRIENDS can earn useful commissions simply by letting people know about the courses on offer. Keeping it simple…


  • AMBASSADORS can make a full-time 6 figure income, there are no caps to earnings; for those who are interested, we offer a full marketing support package including e-mail templates and bespoke advertising copy. With Linked In marketing support for those who are interested in this being a full-time proposition.

iDevAffiliates Explainer Video

We use the IdevAffiliate system which is an established and highly regarded programme for tracking, training and supporting affiliate referral schemes.

  • Affiliates will receive unique tracking links to ensure their leads are allocated to them.

  • Real-time reporting on-site visits, purchases made awaiting approval

  • Self-billing invoices and payments are made directly to the designated bank.

  • Marketing support and training for approved Ambassadors.

Download Affiliate Scheme Summary Reference V001

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