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The NLP MasterCLASS practice group was established in 2004, when we held monthly live meetings at Kings College University London. Our intention was to provide a safe space for anyone interested in practicing coaching, NLP or hypnosis and other disciplines which support personal development. One of the keys to accelerating your learning and development is to find either a mastermind group, which contains people more advanced along your learning path than you are, or to find mentors.

The practice group provided both mastermind and mentoring, and for over a decade we held live meetings with group sizes ranging from 30 to 150. Since 2004 technology has enabled us to deliver the same support in ways which weren't possible back the olden days! Now we invite guest trainers, leaders in their field, people who we know, respect and admire, and who we are certain have a great depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to share, 


We wish to encourage active participation so tickets are available for the LIVE EVENT only. Replays are only available to members who have subscribed to the Secret Agents of Change membership group.

SEPT 2022

Tina Taylor




  • Thursday 22nd Sept - 7pm till 8:30pm GMT Live Training.

NLP MasterCLASS Guest Trainings


Invites will be emailed upon purchase using the ticket system


£20 per person

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In today’s society many people are diagnosed with unexplained infertility; they plus millions of other couples are turning to medical intervention and IVF to procreate.  In this masterclass Tina will share with you her strategies for helping couples with fertility issues using NLP, DHE and Hypnosis.

In 2001 Tina was approached by someone who had difficulty in conceiving, she had to have IVF due to medical reasons and was scared of the procedure.  After Tina helped her to let go of her fears, she said “Now I know I can get pregnant and have a healthy baby”.  A few months later she called to tell Tina a miracle had happened she got pregnant naturally much to the amazement of her doctors.  This was the first of thousands of couples who have been helped by Tina over the past 20 years.

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Guest Speakers

The Guest Speakers are all highly regarded experts in their field of excellence we aim to bring a wide range of skills to the evenings.


Past speakers included:

  • John LaValle - President of the Society of NLP

  • Owen Fitzpatrick - the Stories You Tell Yourself

  • Eric Robbie - Advanced Sensory Acuity

  • Kathleen LaValle - The Meta Model

  • Alessandro Mora - Peak Performance

  • Elizabeth Payer Butler - Working with Children

  • Michael Neill - The 3 Principles

  • Ron Perry - patterns of physical transformation

  • Kate Benson - NLP and education 

  • Geoff Rolls - Applications of kinesiology

  • Lorraine Flaherty - past life regression

  • Anne Jirche - future life progression

  • Joost van de Lay - NLP and the enneagram

  • Laura Spicer - using your voice

  • John Hedges   - word magic


If you want to be kept informed of the next guest training then connect with us.

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Kay Cooke

Kay has created a unique model initially to supercharge your child’s thrive drive, wonderfully simple and applicable to all no matter what age.  As Dr Richard Bandler said “ …. To make your life simple and more powerful in a delightful way!”  Kay’s model puts you emotional resilience and mental health in your hands; giving you strategies to identify and calm the stressed brain on many levels.


Kay Cooke is an educator with a background in sport, health, education, and creativity. She has worked as a coach, assessor, teacher, lecturer, and award-winning entrepreneur. She is an experienced board member, Chair, Trustee, and Samaritan. 


Specialising in Meta Cognition, Kay helps people of all ages discover how their patterns of thinking affect daily life. She optimises people: 1:1, in families, in workshops, delivering large seminars, while public speaking, and through her writing. She has authored 4 books on wellbeing with two more due to be published mid 2022. 


Kay is a member of the Society of NLP’s elite assisting team supporting Richard Bandler's international trainings. She is also an assistant at Paul McKenna’s UK based hypnosis trainings.


Kay’s artwork has been exhibited in the UK under the title of ‘surface to deep’ reflecting the symbolic relationship between conscious and unconscious minds and the evolution of human consciousness

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Owen Fitzpatrick

One of the biggest challenges we face in life is not what happens to us but it is how we construct a story about what happens to us. 

So often we live in our own stories that limit us and trap us. To transform these stories, we need to learn how and why we craft them and, crucially, how to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves.

In this powerful session, you’ll learn how to understand yourself and your habitual stories, so you gain the ability to change the way you experience your reality and make the changes you need to.


The NLP MasterCLASS is especially pleased to host our special guest trainer NLP Master trainer Owen Fitzpatrick.Owen is a globetrotting speaker, international best-selling author, and social psychologist who has spoken to audiences in 30 countries. 

His poem on winning the war inside your head has been seen by more than 1.3 million people and he has delivered talks and training to hundreds of thousands of people across 30 countries.

He is one of the world’s leading authorities on Influence, Storytelling, and Social Psychology. He has worked with billionaires, Fortune 100 companies, and Olympic athletes across multiple sectors and continents. Owen is the author of 8 books that are translated into more than 20 languages. 

His spoken word TEDx poem Mind Control has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

Owen has spoken on thousands of stages over his twenty-five-year career. A social psychologist, he is adept at highlighting the latest research and providing insights that have profound implications for the attendees. 

He has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, and Dr. Richard Bandler and won international awards in filmmaking and acting. Owen delivers world-class training in critical skills for today’s marketplace and offers executive coaching and consulting on communication, leadership, and persuasion.


Eric Robbie

Submodalities have been described as the differences that make the difference, have you ever really considered what that means, ever wondered just how fine distinctions you can discern, and they mean?


We’re very excited to have Eric Robbie at our Masterclass in March. I (Tina) first met Eric in the 1990s, I was new to NLP, and he was the guest Master Trainer at the London NLP Practice Group.

I was hungry for new experiences and to take my skills to the next level and had heard that Eric had co-trained with Dr Bandler in the 1980s and that he had an elegant way of teaching sensory acuity and Submodalities. Students of Eric said that their abilities really opened in ways unexpected after training with him.

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Elizabeth Payer Butler

Our next guest is Elizabeth Payer-Butler, a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP with DHE; when Elizabeth set up her practice initially, she worked with adults like most of us do. After a while she noticed that it doesn’t matter what the problem is, as the client goes into their story and so many of them do the same thing. 

Around 90% of the time they blamed their problems on something that happened in their childhood. And after working with adults for long enough she noticed there was a pattern. Then she got curious, what would their lives have been like if the things she was teaching them as an adult were taught to them as children? 

Thus began a lifelong passion, a mission you could say.

Over the years, more than 3 decades now, she has taught others how you can’t work with children the same way you do with adults. She says the main reason is that the children are a) faster and b) smarter.

She has also discovered what she is calling the seven words to world peace ….. Seven common words that we say and use every day.

Elizabeth has been discovering a way to communicate with our children more effectively, so that you build optimism and possibilities with them rather than create barriers. As well as how to ask good questions.

If you’re going to ask a question of a child, it can’t be the way you ask an adult.

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John LaValle

“NLP Means Business”

As the world begins to come out of lockdown and businesses start to return to new normals, there are abundant challenges and opportunities. 

What do you need or want to learn in order to make the most from this time?

If you are an entrepreneur, a coach, therapist, or consultant this is a unique opportunity to learn from a leading business consultant and NLP Master Trainer John LaValle

  • What is the one burning question that when you answer it would have you make the most of this unique moment in history?

  • How can you be ahead of the rest of your field as things get back to a new normal?


This is a unique opportunity to train with John LaValle ( co-trainer with Dr. Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP).


Alessandro Mora

Is Peak Performance a standard you aspire to?

High level coaching is essential to achieving peak performance and outstanding results in sports. Have you ever considered how the tools, techniques and attitudes used in sports can translate into your personal and professional life?

The NLP MasterCLASS is especially pleased to host our special guest trainer, elite sports coach and NLP Master trainer Alessandro Mora.

Alessandro's clients include Olympiads; so when it comes to the psychology of success he is a well of deep knowledge and he is renowned for making training, coaching and learning fun and enjoyable. 


Kathleen LaValle

What exactly do you mean? HUH!!!

I know you think you understood what I meant, but what you think you understand isn't what I meant.

  • Have you ever wished you could communicate with people better, so they understood you and you understood them?

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to persuade and influence people in powerfully compelling ways?

  • Wouldn't you love to know how to identify where the most significant change can happen, quickly and easily?


If you are a coach, therapist, or consultant who has trained in NLP, you will already understand the META MODEL value. Yet few who have trained in NLP use the meta-model effectively, few realize how powerful a diagnostic approach it is, enabling you to work out where the quality change work begins.

Imagine asking smart questions, getting quality information, then knowing what technique is most likely to be the most effective....what would this do to your results, your clients' results, your reputation, your confidence, your repeat business?

This unique opportunity to train with Kathleen LaValle ( co-trainer with Dr. Richard Bandler) is available to ONLY 20 people.