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Beginning Your Mastery Growth Path & Mentoring


Mentor is one of those words that can be used both as a noun and a verb. A mentor can be someone we trust and respect that has experience in life or has a particular expertise that would be of particular value to us. Someone who was walked the pathway themselves.

To mentor is to advise, coach or train. One piece of trivia, Mentōr, was the name of the adviser of the Telemachus in Homer's Odyssey.

Continuing with the hero’s journey at the start the hero Refuses the Call they are reluctant or resisting taking the first step.

A moment of crisis will often compel them to reconsider in response to the call. They may be forced into making a choice, or there might come a point where they realize that they must act if they are to have any hope of achieving their goals.

Then the next step after Refusal of the Call is The Meeting with the Mentor. The refusal is usually made from fear. The mentor offers advice that encourages the hero to cross the threshold from the ordinary world to the extraordinary world and push through the refusal.

The Mentor comes in two forms, an inner and outer one . An outer protective figure a teacher, stranger or wandering archetype for example who temporarily shelters, advises and guides the hero on their journey, An inner mentor is your own conscience - a voice of reason that questions if what you are doing is right.

If we look at a lot of popular movies or novels there is almost always a mentor – Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda mentor Luke in Star Wars. Gandalf is a mentor for Frodo in “The Lord of the Rings” series. Charlotte is a mentor to Wilbur in “Charlotte’s Web”. And each of us in life have probably encountered one or more mentors to help us on our way.

The saying when the pupil is ready the master will appear is very accurate for this stage of your Hero’s Journey. And I would say that the mentor is our personal spirit guide who comes along to help us through difficult times and be there for advice when we need it.

The next step is Crossing the First Threshold which requires the hero to leave the boundary of their comfort zone, their known self. To take a step into the unknown to embrace their destiny

They often encounter a threshold guardian and must pass some sort of test in order to cross the threshold. In other words they must overcome obstacles, fears or failures before moving forward. Many threshold guardians are internal fears and doubts, concerns about ability, resources rather then being real obstacles they are often illusions designed to keep you stuck, safe are staying in a comfort zone of stagnation.

The mentor guides the hero past the threshold guardian through the trials and tribulations that lie ahead in the call.

In order for the hero to return successfully from their journey, he or she must retain what they have learned and make use of it upon reentry into their normal world and reality.

One last thing I’d like to say is that we also need to be ready to respond to the mentor. We have to be ready to listen and learn, to accept things that may seem incongruent and to trust the next step.

Are ready to accept mentors into your life now?

Are you on the precipice of taking the next step from the ordinary to the extraordinary?

Are you willing to ignore any resistance and cross the threshold and begin your magnificent Hero’s Journey.

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