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Licensed NLP
Business Practitioner Certification

The Licensed NLP Business Practitioner Certification is where growth strategy meets modelling of excellence

The Licensed NLP Business Practitioner Certification is a training course for business owners, entrepreneurs and managers giving a comprehensive set of high-level skills essential for operating and scaling a successful business. 


All businesses need that cutting edge, they need to evolve and adapt as business demands and needs change. This course provides you and your employees with agile skills enabling you to be in the category of businesses which flourish and thrive while others struggle and strive. 


This accreditation course, helps ensure that all your employees are on the same page when it comes to company vision, mission and values. You will leave the course having gained important insights into developing high performing skillsets relevant to the modern workplace.


“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs

Business People Choose To Train With The NLP MasterCLASS for Business Growth Because...

This is a business growth strategy course, specifically designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who are serious about business growth. They want to be the best in their field, and they understand that growth plans require the right employees to execute them.


Research by the Institute of Directors showed that 78% of employees felt they had the wrong staff to help them to develop and grow. One of the key challenges in business is not just in recruiting and retaining the right talented employees in the first place; it’s in ensuring that the staff you have are equipped and trained with the essential skills for modern business operations.

NLP based training takes the best practices and teaches them to your people, and installs them as culture and an attitude of excellence within your organisation.


There are many courses out there that teach you how to use NLP in your personal life, but not many that focus on using NLP as a process for developing interpersonal skills, implementing growth strategies, market development, scaling your business or empowering your staff. We recognise that investing in training can be a significant time and financial investment, so we are mindful of this and have a relentless focus on delivering exactly what market research says that companies need most for their employees.


What You Will Learn

The 10 Key Competencies Every Business Owner and Employee Ought To Be Proficient In...

Have you ever wondered why it is that 10% of companies fail in the first year rising to 20% year two and 80% by year ten? 


The number one cause of business failure is poor cashflow. The number two cause of business failure is an inability to react to changing circumstances in time. Both are the result of poor management skills, caused by management failing to recognise change ahead of time and implementing plans quickly enough.


When we dig deeper into the skills which are lacking and the universal challenges businesses face, they include:

  • A struggle to recruit and retain valuable talent....Knowing who to recruit and how to select and retain staff is a business imperative.

  • An inability to adapt to new technologies quick enough leaves businesses vulnerable to new start ups, or more progressive thinking companies outperforming them..

  • An inability to manage time effectively leads to staff get overwhelmed, or side tracked with irrelevant projects and tasks.

  • Poor stress management and resilience results in staff getting burnt-out, frazzled and companies losing valuable talent. 

  • An inability to prioritise projects and get key operational changes implemented....staff being busy, being busy

  • An inability to market and sell enough products / services at the right margins .... caused by poorly constructed financial models and ill thought out and poorly executed marketing and sales strategies. 

By understanding what doesn't work and can ultimatley lead to catastrophic business failure (going bust!)  you can begin to see why we have designed the NLP Business Practitioner the way it is structured. The training plugs the skill gaps missing from most companies, and gives you and your colleagues the solutions to the problems which most people are too busy being busy, to learn and to put into practice.

The NLP Business Practitioner syllabus is not only relevant, it is immediately applicable giving quick results and positive changes.

During the training you will learn the skillsets of:

  1. Accelerated learning techniques

  2. Emotional management skills

  3. Resilience and wellbeing, how to be grounded and mindful.

  4. Visioning, Mission and Values enabling everyone to be aligned and on the same page.

  5. Problem identifying and solution resolution techniques

  6. Opportunity leveraging, learning ways to see what others miss.

  7. Project planning, design and execution with advanced time management strategies and techniques.

  8. Delegation and team leadership

  9. Advanced linguistic communications ( for recruitment, sales, marketing, persuasion and influence)

  10. Powerfully presenting your ideas to inform, educate, engage and persuade..

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Taking Your First Amazing Step on Your NLP Business Journey

Your NLP Business-Mastery Growth Path  begins with a single step.Enrol on The NLP Business Practitioner this is where you will learn specific applications for business. You will discover how to improve your emotional management, communication skills and tune up your ability to operate as a high performing individual. No previous NLP Experience is required.

The Licensed NLP Business Practitioner Certification program will help you gain access to the growth strategies, tools and techniques needed to generate growth and build a high performing team.  The NLP Business Practitioner course content is based upon modelling other successful companies, high performing individuals, and leaders in the world of business. 


You'll learn how to model everything from emotional management and resilience, stress management and wellbeing, customer service strategies, delegation and hiring practices, project planning and execution and so much more! 


Best of all - It doesn't matter how many employees you have, or if you are a relatively new business, if you're just starting up or an international business already making multi millions every year - This training applies equally wherever you are on your growth path!



Monday 13th June until and including Sunday 19th June 

NLP Licensed Business Practitioner


Regents University, Inner Circle, London.


NLP Business Practitioner - £2040

Business Meeting


For group bookings, invoicing, purchase orders please use the CONNECT WITH US form so we can arrange your booking for you. .

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What You Will Learn During Your Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP

The NLP Business Practitioner training is divided into 4 Modules where we focus on specific themes and teach a wide range of skills . The 4 modules train all the 10 Key Skills listed above and build upon each other, so you get to learn the tools as well as getting the opportunity to practice implementation. As with all NLP trainings there is a focus on experiential. Being able to do what has been trained.

The 4 Modules are:


  • Self-Mastery 

  • Executive Mastery

  • Communications Mastery

  • Coaching & Mentoring Mastery


  • Self-Mastery (2 days)

We cover strategies, tools and techniques for accelerated learning, emotional and stress management, resilience, adaptability, mindfulness and mindset.  


  • Executive Mastery (2 days)

We look at strategies, tools, and techniques for planning your goals, motivating yourself and others, visioning and strategy execution. We cover research, project planning and delivering on operations.


  • Communications Mastery (2 days)

We cover principles of influence, communication, change management and negotiation, persuasion language, powerful presenting, delegation, and sales.


  • Coaching and Mentoring Mastery (1 day)

How to get the best from your people through empowered leadership.


All in all, a powerful program of change like no other; when you attend this training be prepared to grow rapidly in ways which will pleasantly surprise you

What you will learn

How to make company group bookings, book with purchase orders or request an invoice. 

If your company raises purchase orders or requires invoices for payments please e-mail using the connect form so we can make the arrangements. If you are looking at the future progression and training of staff and wish to make a group booking also e-mail so we can make the booking process easy. 

Still unsure about what to do next?

All great relationships begin with a conversation. If you have any hesitations, questions, queries about the NLP Business Practitioner then we are happy to discuss your needs. Let's find out what you are looking for and whether this training is a good fit.

Use the connection form below and either Steve, Tina, or one of the team will get back to you.


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