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Putting Personal & Professional Excellence Into Practice

Dedicated to supporting students and practitioners of NLP in developing their skills. The NLPMasterCLASS was set up in 2004 with the aim of giving anyone interested in NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis the opportunities to learn and train with some of the most respected authorities in the fields of personal and professional development.

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Using NLP, Coaching & Hypnosis to improve every area of your personal & professional life.

"NLP is a curiosity about human behaviour which leaves behind a trail of techniques. It is based upon the presupposition that all human behaviour can be modelled and replicated."

Dr. Richard Bandler - Co-creator of NLP

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Society Of NLP Training Courses

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Licensed NLP Training Courses

NLP is the study of human excellence, it is based upon the presupposition that all behaviour can be learnt, modelled and taught to others. By using NLP  it is possible to accelerate learning, improve skills, habits and results by using the successful habits of others.

NLP trainings are presented by 2 Society of NLP Master Trainers who have both run the training teams of the co- creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler. 



"The Mindset, Habits and Strategies of Success"

  • Sat 6th & Sun 7th November - LIVE

  • Sat 13th November - ONLINE

  • Sat 20th & Sun 21st November - LIVE

  • Sat 27th November - ONLINE

  • Sat 4th & Sun 5th December - LIVE

  • Venue - Regents College London.

  • LIVE training may have social distancing and COVID protection measures in place.

Bookings commencing July 2021 use the eventbrite secure ticket system


A comprehensive 7-day training made up of live and online training which will take your ability to improve your thinking, behaviour, habits, and results to the level of excellence. Held over three weekends foundation skills of NLP are trained and students get to put these into application in ways that they can use them to improve and better their own lives personally and professionally. Online events cover parts of the training which do not require students to practice face to face with others. 


Trainings are experiential with live demonstrations so you get to see the applications in action and ample opportunities to put into practice all that is taught. Students report increased confidence, motivation, self-worth, improved communication skills, emotional management and so much more. For more details of the benefits of attending this course and the syllabus: LEARN MORE 



NLP Practice & MasterCLASS events

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Live Practice Sessions & MasterCLASS events

Open to people at all levels of training so you can practice your NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis skills.  All practice groups are presented by Master Trainers or licensed approved trainers. If you have no experience of NLP, coaching or hypnosis and you are just curious then attending a practice event is a great way to find and learn more. Some events require previous training experience so please check the entry requirements before booking. Many events are eligible for CPD.


 With Elizabeth Payer-Butler,  - “Working with Children”
Virtual zoom - Thursday 16th Dec 2021 7pm till 8.30pm (GMT)

A wonderful opportunity to learn from Licensed NLP Master Trainer Elizabeth Payer-Butler.

“Working with Children”

Our next guest is Elizabeth Payer-Butler, a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP with DHE; when Elizabeth set up her practice initially, she worked with adults like most of us do. After a while she noticed that it doesn’t matter what the problem is, as the client goes into their story and so many of them do the same thing. 

Around 90% of the time they blamed their problems on something that happened in their childhood. And after working with adults for long enough she noticed there was a pattern. Then she got curious, what would their lives have been like if the things she was teaching them as an adult were taught to them as children? 

Thus began a lifelong passion, a mission you could say.

Over the years, more than 3 decades now, she has taught others how you can’t work with children the same way you do with adults. She says the main reason is that the children are a) faster and b) smarter.

She has also discovered what she is calling the seven words to world peace ….. Seven common words that we say and use every day.

Elizabeth has been discovering a way to communicate with our children more effectively, so that you build optimism and possibilities with them rather than create barriers. As well as how to ask good questions.

If you’re going to ask a question of a child, it can’t be the way you ask an adult.

To find out more about how this works and how you can improve your communication with children join us on this MasterCLASS

No previous experience of NLP is required in order to particpate in this online zoom masterclass. 

Bring along an open mind, a sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore.

The non techy - techy stuff

The event is an online MasterCLASS held over ZOOM on Thursday 16th December 2021.

1. Virtual doors open at 6:45 pm UK time and the event starts 7:00pm till approx 8:30 or later depending upon Elizabeth.

2. Please ensure you have Zoom set up on your device.

3. Attend with your device camera switched on and your microphone muted.

4. The event will be interactive with breakout exercises so be prepared to participate.

5. Add info@nlpmasterclass.co.uk to your contacts 

6. The zoom invite will be available to you when you make your booking please safe this.

To find out more about the NLP MasterCLASS events including the Autumn 2021 NLP Practitioner training event visit www.nlpmasterclass.co.uk

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Training with Masters