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Why the Licensed NLP Coach Certification is the gold standard of coaching.

If you have ever watched Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares you will understand that liking food and being able to cook doesn't make someone a great chef or restauranteur. In much the same way being a manager, wanting to help people, being the person others come to for help doesn't automatically make for a great coach.

Nowadays coaching has become a choice for many, because of the many benefits, flexibility, contribution, growth, financial and yet not many succeed in running professional practices. Whether you believe the anecdotal 95% go back to their day jobs or the researched 82% fail within 2 years the failure rate for an industry which promises success is shocking and this comes down to two key things.

  • A poor investment in training, with many falling for the get certified quickly, get high ticket clients easily, get rich quick schemes which are prolific and prey on neediness and inexperience and....

  • A lack of experience in the basics of running a successful and profitable coaching business.


We have you covered with both of these areas.

If you are looking to run a Professional Coaching practice we have the programme and support to be one of the 5% or 18% who enjoy the benefits, flexibility, growth and financial prosperity being a successful coach can give you.

What You Will Learn During Your Licensed NLP Coach Training.

Learn from coaches who run successful coaching businesses within the Life and Business arenas who share with you their own strategies and models.


This is not just theory.  We’ll give you all the required knowledge, models, strategies and also an invaluable wealth of experience in those fields so that you can start and/or grow a successful coaching practice.



  • Become a Coach that creates results in Business, and Life areas.

  • Find your market as a Coach and position yourself so that customers can find you easily

  • Discover your unique value proposition and grow your number of customers

  • Run successful coaching practices

  • Give real value to your clients.


By attending this training you will receive the international certification LICENSED NLP COACH issued by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and signed by Dr. Richard Bandler.


What you will learn:

  • Elements of coaching

  • 2 areas of specialization: life coaching and business coaching

  • How to do an intake session and close more clients

  • How to do a standard coaching session

  • What are the most common coaching sessions and what to do during these

  • Different modalities of coaching

  • How to create a change conversationally

  • How to position yourself in the market so that customers can find you

  • How to increase your sales

  • How to work effectively with teams and give structured feedback to people

Who the Licensed NLP Coach Certification is for.

The Coaching - Mastery Growth Path to become a Licensed NLP Coach is one of three steps.


  • STEP ONE:  Gain your Licensed NLP Practitioner certification - so you have the foundation knowledge of NLP

  • STEP TWO: Gain your Licensed NLP Master Practitioner certification - so you have the experience of modelling and strategy eelicitation and installation.

  • STEP THREE: Attend your Licensed NLP Coach course.

Entry to the training is only available to those who have completed Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification.

Enrol on the next Coaching Programme

The next Licensed NLP Coach training will be in 2023, in the meantime if you have not yet taken your Licensed NLP Practitioner certification or your Licensed NLP Master Practitioner you can book your trainings for 2022 in preparation for 2023.



  • To be confirmed

NLP Licensed Coach Training


Regents University, Inner Circle, London.


Licensed NLP Coach - £2040

Practioner Plus 0609 188.jpg

People Choose To Train With The NLP MasterCLASS Because...

  • Training is experiential and applicable to real life.

  • NLP and hypnosis are used to train NLP Coaching to speed up learning and improving recall

  • Training is based upon the trainers having a combined 4 decades of high-level experience of NLP training and practical applications.

  • All certificates are countersigned by Dr. Richard Bandler a sign of credibility of training having been delivered to the highest of standards.

  • Training is spread out over weekends enabling practice between meetings and for the teachings to be fully absorbed.

  • Virtual training between live weekends to reinforce and support the live training and deepen your understanding.

  • You receive after-training support with the NLP MasterCLASS Dojo, NLP MasterClass events, the NLP MasterCLASS Facebook group, and with the Secret Agents of Change Membership Group a subscription group to support coaches, therapists, and consultants with developing their skills and building their practices.

  • Rates are affordable and group sizes are limited for comfort, safety, and optimal interaction with the trainers.

All NLP MasterCLASS training events are licensed and approved by the Society of NLP. Training and presented by not one but two NLP Master Trainers. Both Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb have been Head Assistant to Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), spent 1000's of hours training NLP and using it in their professional lives. You will be learning from two of the UK's top NLP trainers.


Don’t just take our word for it listen to what previous students have to say.

Still unsure if the Licensed NLP Coach is right for you?

All great relationships begin with a conversation. If you have any hesitations, questions, queries about the Licensed NLP Coach then we are happy to discuss your needs. Let's find out what you are looking for and whether this training is a good fit.

Use the connection form below and either Steve, Tina, or one of the team will get back to you.


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